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Everybody is unique and therefore any award or commemoration should follow suit. At Topline Manufacturers, we pride ourselves on producing medals of the highest quality, and to the customised specifications of the customer.

Why do you should choose customised medals?

All events are exclusive and special and should therefore always be commemorated as such; no one wants a medal with a generic design that can be found somewhere else; you’re participating in an event for a specific reason. Perhaps, it’s the final of a world championship swimming tournament or a special invitational XI cricket match. No matter what type of event it is, it should be remembered as a standout experience.

A company that specialises in die-casting medals out of zinc alloy is the best choice for customised medals because zinc alloy medals can boast detailed patterns to display the exclusiveness of an event.

What is die-casting

Die-casting metal is a manufacturing process in which smelted metal is poured or forced into steel moulds. The moulds, also known as tools, are designed for each project we undertake, which allows each medal to be created to your exact specifications.

Different types of finishes available

Here’s rundown the range of metal finishes that Topline Manufacturers has available. Each finish has its own benefits and so you can choose which metal finishes suit your needs best. It’s great to have a variety of medals on hand so you’re able to be flexible and creative with handing out medals to motivate the best qualities all of those who are involved.

  • Copper
  • Nickel
  • Brass
  • Gold
  • Gunmetal
  • Nickel-free
  • Antique

We know how special the event is for you and if you’re struggling to come up with a design that will fully embrace the uniqueness of the event, we can help you. Our expert team of designers can sit down to discuss and create a bespoke design that make the medals of your event absolutely awesome.

How many medals do you need? We specialise in wholesale and bulk orders of medals and therefore can fulfil will be any order from as little as 100 units up to 1,000,000+ to accommodate events of any size order you need.

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