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Criteria for choosing the right medal manufacturer

Medals are symbols of achievement; a reward for all the hard work and time spent in an effort to accomplish your goal. They have an inherent sense of value and so ensuring that they’re made from the finest material. Here are a few top tips to guarantee you find a quality medal manufacturer.

  1. Find out which material is used to make the medals

Medals that are cast out of zinc alloy have the benefits of strength, resilience, rigour and robustness. Furthermore, zinc allows quality manufacturers to cast intricately-detailed medals without conceding quality. Beautiful finishes can be applied to the zinc alloy easily.

  1. Is there a wide variety of finishes?

Adding a sensational finish to a quality-cast medal gives it the personalised touch that they deserve. A reputable manufacturer should have a wide range of finishes. These can include:

  • Copper
  • Nickel
  • Brass
  • Gold
  • Gunmetal
  • Nickel-free
  • Antique

Each finish has its benefits, and a trustworthy manufacturer can help you decide which finish will best suit the event. The company should also offer to cast samples to ensure that you are satisfied before you sign off on your order.

  1. Can the manufacturer cast medals in an assortment of shapes and sizes?

Every event is as unique as the medal. Bold, large, circular medals are ideal for sports and other types of athletic events. A medal shaped in the form of a company’s logo may be more appropriate for corporate events.

  1. Is the manufacturer able to create customised medals?

A special occasion deserves an intricately-designed medal, and therefore choose a company that focuses in die-casting medals out of zinc alloy. It’s definitely the top choice because medals made out of this material can be decorated with detailed patterns that embrace exclusivity. For example, customised medals are perfect for an academic graduation or charity event.

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For more information from our expert team about the different types of medals that we can manufacture for you, please contact us.